Let’s Talk About Furnace

Today, we will talk about the most dangerous part of each house. No, it is not a basement, as in horror movies, let’s talk about furnace!. If you have it in your house, you may know it requires a thoughtful installation, regular pre-season inspection and repair time to time.

What is necessary to know about it furnace repair & installation

First of all, if you decide to equip a stove or fireplace in your home, you will need to correctly develop its design. It is important not only to choose a suitable place but also to ensure the correct operation of the air duct in the room so as not to burn out.

When the oven is already installed, it is very important to carry out regular maintenance and pre-season furnace inspection & tune-up. The fact is that with the onset of cold weather, the likelihood of fires also increases. And the reason for this is not only an increase in the load on the power grid but also the failure to take measures to prepare the furnace for the heating season.

Stove heating is an object of increased fire hazard. Furnace fires cause significant material damage. People often die in such fires.

The first thing to do before the start of the heating season is to carefully check and, if necessary, repair the furnace equipment. Remember that the consequences of a fire are incomparable with the costs of repairing your heath!

It is better not to do this yourself because only a professional knows for sure if your oven is ready for work. Calling the foreman is a matter of a couple of minutes, but it will save you money and save your house from fire.

However, there are tasks that you can do yourself before the start of the season of operation of stoves and fireplaces. And first of all, it is cleaning the chimney from soot.

Cleansing the chimney

Many people ask themselves why such a dirty operation as regular cleaning of soot in stove chimneys is necessary. Cleansing the chimney from soot is necessary to create a high-quality draft, which will not only remove smoke from the stove, and therefore not let it inside the room but also create the necessary draft so that high-quality combustion occurs inside the stove. If the chimney is clogged with soot, there is no draft, the wood in the stove does not flare up well and can go out altogether, giving us only acrid clouds of smoke. In addition, a clogged chimney is always a fire hazard. If the chimney is well cleaned, the fire in the stove ignites well, the stove is gaining temperature. It remains only to adjust the draft correctly with the valve so that only smoke comes out through the chimney into the street, but no heat.

In the future, cleaning the chimneys from soot during their operation must be done at least 1 time in 3 months. Flue ash and slag must be spilled with water and removed to a place specially designated for this purpose.

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